Spring is Coming and We're Gonna Be Ready


    This is my 1st post yay! Sorry about not posting sooner, I've just been very busy. Okay, so today's topic is SPRING! It's right around the corner and it's time to start stocking up on some good deals.

    Now, alot of colors that are "in" for spring are pastels like yellow and coral pink and periwinkle. However, you can dress these colors up with bold colors as well like magenta. A nice yellow with a magenta can seriously make a statement. It says "I'm wild enough to mix these colors but smart enough to make them work". Keep in mind that you can't always mix a bold color with a ''seasonal'' color only because sometimes it won't set /lay/ mix right. For instance, you can't really mix a lime (bold color) with a maroon (seasonal color).

     For all you fashionistas who love the classic looks, here's a tip. WHITE is a GREAT  base color for a spring outfit. Mixing that with bold, colorful accesories can spice up a classic feminine look to be a classy fashion statement. Also, if you want to make a white outfit a little more of a spectacle then add a colored pair of shoes. For example, a white dress with hot pink shoes says so much about a person's daring "fashion-ality". The white dress will be the blank canvas and the pink shoes are that noticeable splotch of paint that catches your eye ;) It'll grab your audience's attention without completely deviating from your original look.

     Lastly, I just want to post a few links to some stores that are having pretty good sales at the moment. Please check em out and enjoy :)



 Life is a Runway,
 Josh* Paramore*