TAG: 4 for 5

Hey you guys :),

Its ya girl J*P* and im coming at you with a tag. yay! my friend sent me an email to do this tag so im going to post it on my blog. So, its called '4 for 5' and its where you talk about 4 things you dislike about yourself and 5 things you do like. I'll start with my dislikes:

1) I hate my face shape! Its like slightly unsymmetrical because one side curves out slightly more then the other. ugh!
2)My eyebrows are too long.
3)My hands are kinda chubby and I think that is not cute at all.
4)I gain and lose weight unexpectedly. I can never stay at the exact same weight for more then 2 weeks and it really urks me!

Ok so now fore my likes :)

1)I love my skin color. I think the brown is a really nice coffee, mocha kinda feel. Not too light or dark for me.
2)I like my height. I'm 5'5 so I'm considered avrg height.
3)I love my creativity because y me having a very road imagination, I'm more open minded which can always come in handy.
4)I love my eye for style. I like being able to spot out something cute and having the ability to pair it with a nice match.
5) I like my outgoing personality. I'm thankful for not being shy because I don't have a problem approaching people :)

Anyway, that brings this to a close. Thanks bye :)

Josh* Paramore*