This Just In!

  Hey you guys! Its your girl Josh* Paramore* coming at you with some hot new trends :) But first, I would like to appologize for my long absence. I've been busy researching for you guys. But, I'm back now so we're good.

  Mixmatching prints and solids has definitely become a HUGE thing for Spring. Alot of designers put soft animal prints and pair it with bold colors. For example, I believe it was Versace who paires faded tiger print with a bright pink. It was verryy cool.

  However, I know that not everyone is into a lot of pattern and print so I've found a more subtle adaptation. Instead of having print pants or a top, you can do a print shoe. A nice yellow sun dress would be killer with some gold polka dot flats. Ya see, some trends you have to change or tweak in order to make it fit your style. That's what makes you the individual. That's what makes you bold!

  So, give it some thought when searching for those new Spring wardrobe peices. Thanks for reading! Bye!

Thee 1 and Only,
Josh* Paramore*