Your Questions Answered... :)

Hey you guys! This is ya girl Josh* Paramore* and I'm here with some answers to some questions I've gotten lately. I hope the askers are reading this :)

1) How young is too young to start wearing heels?

Well, I believe I was 12 when I started with my first pair. However, they weren't tall or skinny heels. They were barely over 1 1/2 inches and they were on the thicker side. I think that you should be atleast 14 before you start wearing the skinny heels. And if you do wear the skinny heels then they shouldn't be over 2 3/4 inches. That's my personal opinion. I say this because the higher the heel, the older you appear. And, aging yourself is never cute. It makes you seem like you're trying too hard.

2) How young is too young to start wearing cosmetics?

This is always a complicated subject because it depens on what type of cosmetic you are talking about. I myself couldn't even wear tinted lipgloss until I was 14. And, it wasn't even colored lipgloss. It was the kind wear it comes on clear but you see the color in good light. I believe that if you aren't a teen then you shouldn't be wearing anything but chapstick. In my opinion, 13-15 is when you can start off with a tinted lipgloss and gradually move to a slightly darker shade with age. 16-17 is when you can wear an actual color but it would have to be a subtle color and nothing bold or matte. 18+ is when you could start with the eye makeup and the full face and dark colored lips. I believe that if you are uner 18 then you shouldn't be doing anything but your lips except foundation if you have bad skin. It's only because makeup ages you.

3) How old were you when you started doing your own hair?

I was 10. In 5th grade. I started off with ponytails (they weren't too good but eventually progressed). I didn't flat iron my own hair until 6th grade, 12 years old.

4) What is your hair regimen?
I wash my hair once a wk with a good shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner and leave-in.
I moisturize my hair daily.
I only use heat twice a month (at most)
I donot use anything with patrolatum or mineral oil because they clog the scalp and block moisture and/or growth.
I wear my hair up majority of time to protect ends.
I get a trim every 5-8 wks.

5) Garnier vs Herbal Essences?

I prefer Garnier only because I've been using it longer an the length and strength is awsome! It's also like 50 cents-$1 cheaper.

Hope this answers your questions! If you have more, please email me :)

Josh* Paramore*