What is "Good" Hair?

hey you guys!

it's ya girl J*P* coming at you with another post. This topic is on "good" hair. Well, I recently saw an episode of the tyra show that nearly brought me to tears. These girls at such a young age had such a depressing mindset on their hair and others'. I won't reveal what happened exactly since i encourage you watch. search it on youtube under 'tyra show good hair'.

here's what i personally elieve. there is no such thing as 'good' hair. every hair has something wrong with it. rathere it be too greasy, thin, thick, kinky whatever. everyone should try to take care of their hair ecuase i do believe in healthy hair. you can avoid certain chemicals and incredients that make your hair break, shedd or dry. i will post some links on that later. but, i just felt the need to let all my followers know that you should be happy with what you've got. :)

its been true,
josh* paramore*