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im back!!!!! (hair and weight loss/maintenance tips)

hey there superstars ;)!

its ya girl JP aka josh* paramore*. i know its been a hot minute since i last did a post and i sincerely appologize. ive been really busy with my studies and my hair journey and my weight maintenance. To make up for time lost, I am going to post soo much good info on a few reqested topics. (any requests, leave in a comment or send me a message) Enjoy :)

i have had very thick long hair most of my life. its always been atleast armpit length. However I started doing a lot of heat styling everyday and it not only dried out my hair but it broke it off. I eventually had to cut it to chin length. It was cute at first but it began to grow out very scraggly. So eventually I stumbled upon ulovemegz on youtube and she inspired me to grow my  hair back healthy. So i cut off 2 inches of fried hair and started my hair journey. Its only taken me 8 months to go from neck length to armpit length and I am not stopping here. :)
1) moisturize hair daily and apply an oil over it
2)sleep with satin scarf at night to reduce breakage
3)take a multivitamin to better the health and growth of your hair
4)deep condition with EVERY wash
5)only use direct heat AT MOST once a month (bangs are ok for heat)
6)trim when needed
7)do a protein treatment every 4-8 weeks (cholestrol,aphogee, joico etc..)
8)wear hair up atleast 75% of the time
9)wait ATLEAST 8 weeks between every relaxer
10)use a heat protectant when heat styling
11)always use a leave in conditioner after every wash
12)comb hair from the bottom up (less breakage)
I GUARENTEE if you follow these tips that you will see a very noticeable difference in your hair within 1-2 months. :)
If you want further info on healthy hair growth practices, these are some great sites for you:

I know that you may think you have heard it all before but I have some very honest tips that truly do work. Here they are:
1)drink ATLEAST 9 bottles of water a day. This will flush your system of any unneeded substances. (you may refill the same bottle as long as you drink a total of 9)
2)walk ATLEAST 6 blocks a day (increase with time and progress)
3)take a multivitamin. this will help your health and weight loss because it enhances your energy and metabolism!!!!!
4)get ATLEAST 7 hours of sleep a day.Your body needs time to reguvenate from the activity.
5)cut off two of your regular snacks-such as a piece of cake- and replace them with a yogurt(any flavor), a modest piece of fruit/veggetable (any kind),a fiber/granola bar, or 4 small slices of block cheese and 4 ritz crackers.
6)only weigh yourself 1-2 times a week. your weight will fluxuate and might cause frustration so weighing yourself minimally will keep you focused and on track.

well, i hope you enjoyed this post. i have more to come :)

all sincerity,
Thee Josh* Paramore*


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