The Politics of Girl World

Hi guys!
i am coming to u today with an inspirational post on the politics of girl world. well, u may not kno wat i mean by that so i will tell u. i am speaking of these implicit rules and regulations that girls go by in order to achieve the status quo "cool". let me start by first saying that i personally believe that everyone should be individual and not try to follow someone else. yet, alot of people feel like they have to so they do.

1) "you must be exceptionally pretty or your not worth anything".
This rule is something that is very untrue because the truth is that 70% of teenage girls are just average looking. therefore, if that rule was valid, that would mean that the majority of teens are worthless. I'm going to juxtapose2 standards of beauty and then explain why both of them are gorgeous:
 claudia lynx    india arie

now, both of these women are beautiful. but they are different standards of beauty. claudia lynx is a fair, raven-haired, blue eyed bombshell. her features are extremely defined and they stand out against her creamy complexion. her hair tumbles down her back with shine, gloss and appealing style.
india arie is a brown skinned, dreadhead with a mesmorizing smile and a boho swag like no other. her darker skin tone makes her face look even more pretty and the fact that her personal style is so unique is what adds to her untouchable beauty.
no doubt, you can agree that both of these women are gorgeous. yet, do they look the same? no. so the idea that you MUST look a certain way to be popular or be considered pretty is a LIE!

2) "you must be thin to be attractive"
This rule has been circulating since time began. ones believe that you must be thin in order to look good. so wrong. there are some ugly thin people and some ugly heavyset people. true, your figure does play a part in your appearance but it does not dominate the final categorization. these are 2 examples:
beyonce knowles       rihanna

ok so as you can see, both of these women are very pretty. They are completely different sizes yet they both maintain a great appeal. beyonce knowles is an estimated size 8-10 and rihanna is an estimated size 4-6. Beyonce has a more curvy veluptuous figure. rihanna is on the thinner side with minor curves that suit her body type. these 2 are a great example of how size does not automatically make you look better or worse than anyone else.

3)"you have to have long hair to be cute"
this is my favorite rule to talk about because there are countless examples that prove it wrong. hair can improve your appearance but 80% of the time, length has almost nothing to do with it. here are 2 examples:
michelle williams
 keri hilson

as you see, both of these two women are stunning. yet they have completely different types of hair. michelle williams is known for her long straight hairstyles yet keri hilson's styles rarely even touch her shoulders. however they are both really pretty women and are highly commended and recognized for their beauty. thus proving that the length of your hair does not determine your status.

these were just a few rule busting examples on the politics of girl world. stay strong fashionistas! dont let any one get you down.:)

much love,
Thee Josh* Paramore*