Ugg Alternatives!

Hey you guys,
Its ya girl J*P* coming at u with a special announcement. Winter is quickly approaching so now is a great time t stock up n gear. Now, the trend lately is the very stylish Ugg boots. However, they can run u a good $250. Who has money like that? Lol i know i dont. So, im gonna give you a great alternative that is just as cute and 1/5 of the price. PAYLESS AIRWALK BOOTS! They are very cute and inexpensive. I myself stocked up n 3 pair and paid only $125 (with coupon). I have two Myra's in brown and grey and 1 black pair of Regan Plato.

grey and brown Myra
black regan boot
As you see, they are cute and affordable so if you wish to share in this trendy Ugg Alternative, visit or go to the store. :)

its been real,
Josh Paramore