HAIR! Your Questions and My Answers ;)

hey you guys!

its ya girl J*P* comin at ya with a hair post.YAY! IK its been a while but i have some pretty gud info here.

1) What is the difference between a moisturizing deep conditioner and a protein deep conditioner, and how often should i use both?

Well, a moisturizing deep conditioner will usually say things like "revitalizes" "nourishes" "moisturizes" and/or "hydrates". A protein conditioner will either say "protein" "mayonnaise" or "cholestrol". A moisturizing conditioner is adding moisture to dry hair, feeding it so to speak. A protein conditioner is strengthening the hair and filling in weak spots. You should do a protein treatment every 3-6 weeks and a moisturizing deep condition with every wash.

2)What does it mean to be "heat trained"?

To be heat trained is to purposely "damage" natural hair to losen the curl pattern as a better alternative to a chemical processor.

3)What is the difference between "texlaxed" and "relaxed"?

Texlaxed is when you buy a weaker strength relaxer/leave a regular strength relaxer on for 10 minutes or less so that you purposely underprocess your hair so tthat it still has some thickness and curl. Relaxed is when you relax the hair until there is barely any curl left in it, at the most a slight wave.

4)How do you wrap hair?

You start by parting your hair down the middle until you get to your crown. Then you detangle the hair properly. Using a fine tooth comb, paddle brush or boar bristle brush, wrap the hair around the entire head, smoothing and bobby pinning (optional) as you go. As a finishing step, spray a light oil sheen mist over your hair and let it set for 5-10 minutes. Then proceed to tying a tight silk scarf on your hair. The scarf must be tight in order to smooth bumps and creases and keep the shape of the wrap.

TIP: Switch directions in which you wrap ery 2-3 wraps so as to reduce the breakage on the more-so elevated side.
TIP:Hair should not be wrapped for more than 2 weeks out of each month. Hair requires a rest. Otherwise breakage will likely occur.

5) Im bored with protective styling, what are some bold and jazzy buns that I could do?

I shall do a seperate post on that.

6)Why don't you make videos?

I am more so a private person so I dont wanna put myself out there by posting vids and pics including my face. I don't see it as necesary. Sorry

7)When are you going to do a product review?

I shall post it by the end of this weekend.

8)How often is too often for the use of heat?

To be honest, youre not supposed to use direct heat more than once a month. However, if you see it fits neccesary than twice a month is permitable. Just be sure to deep condition really well and use a good heat protectant.

9)When will you post your updated regimen?

I shall post it by the end of this weekend.

10)Why do you have so few subscribers?

Well, I really don't get alot of subscribers because few know about my site. However, it would be highly appreciated if you could mention me to some of your friends or on your pages and stuff. I could use some more subscribers. Even though, I don't do thid for the sole purpose of publicity. Its for fun and helping others :)

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