How To : Kardashian Curls with a Semi-Dry Rollerset

hey you guys!
its ya girl J*P* comin at you with a hair tutorial! I got a request from someone on a LOW HEAT journey who wanted to achieve the famous Kardashian Curls without the use of a hot iron. So.... I present to you how to get hair like this:

with a simple low heat process :)
blow dryer with a low setting
light leave in conditioner (i use Garnier Sleek N Shine $3)
a setting lotion (i use Africas Best $3)
a wide tooth comb
a fine tooth comb
finishing spray with medium hold (i use White Rain airosol $1)
blowdryer brush/vented paddle brush
heat protectant

1) start with freshly shampooed and conditioned hair
2)apply leave in conditioner
3)allow hair to airdry to approximately 75%
4)lightly mist your heat protectant on your hair
5)blowdry hair in sections with brush until dry and mostly-completely straight (depending on desired volume)
6)apply setting lotion to hair from mid-shaft to ends (you want the hold to be at the bottom in order to achieve the look of loose curls)
7)roll hair using hard large-jumbo rollers in small sections parting and detangling using the combs
8)allow hair to set for 2-3 hours
9)take out rollers
10) lightly comb if neccesary
11)spray a finishing spray to polish it off



Josh* Paramore*