OOTD #1 : Glitter Swagged Biker

Hey you guys!

Its ya girl J*P* comin at you with my very first OOTD and I am soo excited:) Today, I present you my Glitter Swagged Biker outfit: 2011-11-08_16-21-22_735.jpg

AKDMKS  dark wash denim jacket - $40
blue glittery sequined sleeveless turleneck- $10 at Pay/Half
dark grey sequined belt- $10 at WalMart
simple black skinnies- $40 at Sears
dark grey sequined flats-$20 at Payless
assorted bangles- $1-3 at Glitter

My inspiration for this outfit was actually a side by side picture of Hannah Montana and an 80's motorcycle chick. Seeing the two opposites be juxtaposed in such a way made me think of what an awesome style collabo they'd make! Henceforth, the birth of this outfit :)

Luv ya,
Thee J*P*