The Politics of Girl World (part 3) Lightskinned vs Darkskinned

Hey you guys!

Its ya girl J*P* comin at you with another segment of "The Politics of Girl World". Today we are talking about lightskinned vs darkskinned. Alot of people tend to believe that the fairer you are, the better. Not true. So many women in foreign countries, layon beaches and sulk up sun to achieve those rich darker tones so why are women fretting and bleaching when they are naturally blessed with them. And, why are women trying to convince themselves that they are one color when they are another. Don't get me wrong because all colors are beautiful. Its just something about that gorgeous tanned/bronzed brown skin that appeals to me. I am neither lightskinned nor darkskinned, I am this color:
 (caramel/peanutbutter/brownskinned tone)
Now, If you are this color then you should not go around claiming to be "lightskinned" because NEWSFLASH you're not. To be lightskinned means to have very little-no brown on you. And this color clearly has a nice shade of brown to it. This is my opinion on skin tone classification:

LIGHTSKINNED-very little to no brown
 (alicia keys, lauren london, mariah carey)

CARAMEL/PEANUTBUTTER- "light" brownskinned with slight reddish or yellow undertones
 (beyonce**before mysterious lightening, adrienne bailon, ciara)

BROWNSKINNED-a medium brown complexion (milky chocolate/light cocoa/bronze tones)

 (meagan good, melody thornton, asia nitollano)

CHOCOLATE/DARKSINNED- having a rich, deep brown shade (chocolate, fudge, cocoa tones)

 (leila lopes **miss universe 2011, kelly rowland, jennifer hudson)

Now, this is just my opinion but "generally" it is the truth. Now, I've purposely posted 3 different pics in each category. Not just for a full range of colors and whatnot. But, for you to see that each and every one of these women are GORGEOUS. Google image them and you can see that their pics are stunning. And they are ALL different colors yet each one of them is very attractive. So this whole lightskin vs darkskin controversy is nonsense because no matter your color, beauty is achievable.

Its been real,
Josh* Paramore*