hey you guys!

Its ya girl J*P* comin at you with an updated hair regimen. I got a couple requests so I am doing it!

moisturize n seal
homemade moisturizing spritz (2/3 water, 1/3 white rain citrus burst conditioner, 10-15 drops of oil)
tie hair up at night with satin bonnet

wash and deep condition/light protein (switches every other week)
leave in condition

protective style/bun (55% of the time/2 weeks + a month)
low maintenance style/wash n go/rollerset (25% of the time/ 1 week + a month)
wear blowdried/flat ironed hair (20% of the time/ 1 week a month)

oil treatment
trim/touch up self installed layers :)

moisturizer- profectiv/africas best or BB castor oil lotion
oil- africas best herbal oil
gel- softee clear gel (alchohol free)
shampoos: garnier, vo5, white rain (varies per purpose)
conditioners: garnier, vo5, white rain (varies per purpose)
cowash conditioner: white rain citrus
deep conditioners: africas best olive oil organics (moisture), lekair cholestrol (light protein)
holding spray: white rain airosol extra hold
setting lotion- africas best
blowdrying serum- ic fantasia leave in olive oil treatment
heat protectant- 911 heat protector
leave in- garnier sleek n shine
flat iron- revlon 1'' ceramic
blowdryer- revlon

hope this helps :)

its been real,
Josh* Paramore*


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