hi guys!

its ya girl J*P* comin at u with a post :) i hoe u guys enjoyed ur vacations. but this post is gonna be about skin care. Many of u wantd ta kno my skin care regimen. here it is :)

daily wash with my personal bar soap
exfoliating wash with Neutrogena Rapid Clear twice a week
moisturizing facial masque as needed
daily tinted moisturizer application

daily wash with White Rain Citrus bodywash
exfoliating wash with SugarCane body Scrub weekly
allover lotion application daily
seal lotion with baby oil daily
all over body mist daily
shave once a week with single blade razor
soak in bubble bath with bath beads as needed
bronzer/lotion mix daily

 a healthy glow :)

peace out!
Thee Josh* Paramore*