Survival of The Fittest

    In the fashion world, it’s a huge competition. Everyone is
 talented yet everyone wants to stay relevant and get that top spot.
 How are people doing it? They’re personifying that animalistic
 quality in all of us to climb the food chain.

 The CLAWS have come out! Also known as “stiletto nails”,
 extremely sharp nails have become a must- have in 2013.
 Celebrities and normal civilians alike have
rocked the edgy manicure and have managed to stay exquisitely stylish.

 Although the claws may not be for every diviner diva,
 they still remain beastly beautiful! Across runways worldwide, animal print has crept up into every major label’s collection.  Whether it’s from a ferocious feline or a master mix of various prints, this style is contagious.

  They’re confident!  With a furry COAT of arms, they can put up a fight against any
competitors.  Lengths vary from
 short to long and cuts vary from
vests to full length cover ups. The strength of its impression is shocking! Regardless of its age, this trend is here to stay and will maintain its name through eternity. 

In honor of these creatures, people have worn them on their accessories. The most popular amongst the trends is wildlife jewelry. Women internationally have rocked their favorite animals on their ears, necks and fingers. This trend is older than it seems. It was alive with the Egyptians in ancient times. It is obvious that the people of today’s society have reincarnated such.

  Fashionistas of the present have managed to stay relevant and pick off competition. With boundless gratitude to the creatures who have inspired these trends, the fierce stand their ground and some even leave a legacy. Life is a jungle, but we’re consecrated with animal instinct to survive with the fittest.
Thee Josh* Paramore*