The Evolution of A Liar

The Evolution of A Liar
Just How Pretty Are They?
By Calynn M. Lawrence

Ever wonder how the Pretty Little Liars earned their flattering titles? Well, here’s how! These are the inside secrets of how they each maintain a stylish yet individualistic wardrobe.
EMILY- The edgy tomboy, Emily is known for her grunge couture. Characterized by her frequent use of neutrals and hard textures, she brings a shine about to the boyish looks that she rocks. How can you achieve the same look? Work with simple pieces like basic tees and camisoles, then spice it up with natural elements such as stonewash jeans and leather boots.
ARIA- This mysterious dame gives femininity to the rocker persona. She is known for her use of bright patterns with frequent use of jewel tones, skirts and boots. Wanna follow her path? Try a vibrant blazer and a bold pattern dress to really add some oomph! Don’t forget to accessorize as this is a regular trend with Aria.

HANNA- As the girly one of the group, Hanna brings a womanly essence to every ensemble that she wears. This liar makes good use of mixing pastels with darks to give a very balanced finish. Also known for flowy materials, she has a very light and airy appearance. To give the same impression, try incorporating more A-line cuts, bubble shirts or cutesy oversized sweaters! But, remember to mix color pallettes to have that true Hanna appeal!

SPENCER- The implied leader of the pack, Spencer displays an unparalleled sense of maturity. She maintains a timeless yet youthful style. Known for use of trendy yet preppy pieces and dexterous attire, she shows a true old soul. Want this for yourself? Try to incorporate more classic prints such as plaids and argiles into your wardrobe. Also, make good use of a nice blazer and give business casual a new spin!
There you have it, the evolution of the liars! Watch it on Tuesdays on ABC Family at 7 o’clock!