Confessions From A Community Service Junkie

    My name is Calynn M. Lawrence. I aspire to be a fashion beauty specialist. I work myself into the ground in order to accomplish my goals in life: success, prestige, honor, happiness. Besides these, I do believe that you must also help those who can not help themselves because building personal relationships amongst friends, family and loved ones is far more important. This is a realization that everyone must come to in order to enjoy their accomplishments.
    When given the challenge by Nordstrom to give back to my community, I was overjoyed. I love a challenge. I knew that I had to do something outside of my normal volunteer work to really prove myself. I had to do something BIG, something that would hopefully impact the lives of many. So, I thought and I planned and I finally came to the epiphany that I should do a good deed for the Special Needs and Mentally Impaired at my high school.I organized a fashion show for the Special Ed department.
      When I proposed the idea to the Chairman, she loved it! Given that I was in a time crunch, I did super grind work over the week. I had to recruit models, plan the music, purchase the food, plan my brief intro speech, get together a mental program for how it would proceed and consult with the staff to set final dates and locations. Along with some help from Nailah Bradley who served as an assistant of sorts and a model.
      As a result of my efforts, it was a huge success! I had a multitude of diverse models who were simply lovely. They all had their own styles and looks. The food was very much enjoyed. And, the show itself was extremely appreciated. It brought a small tear to my eye to see the joyous grins on all of their faces. One of them was even brave enough to do an improv model strut! They had a blast, as did I!
      This event has changed me. I am no newbie to volunteer work. However, this experience was different. It really made me feel as if my deeds gave these kids a rare sense of happiness and attention that they don't always recieve. The melodious applause was the renessaince of my spirit. To see their gratitude caused me to feel refreshed, refined, reborn. It was as if I really had a purpose in my life.
      I would like to thank you Nordstrom. This opportunity has caused me to feel an overwhelming sense of renewal that is very pleasing to my soul. Thank you for initiating my metamorphasis.

Sincerest of Thoughts,
Calynn M. Lawrence