Fresh Face of The Month: Karen Meekins aka Kay Meeks


This Fresh Face is Karen Meekins aka Kay Meeks. She is one strong woman who has an inspiring story to tell. Having come from a very small town, she has become established in her career as a medical secretary/assistant. Now, she is making her way into the fashion industry as a model! At the age of 39, she broke societal standards and booked her FIRST runway debut! She is proud to say that her social media is climbing uphill going from a mere few hundred followers to a few thousand within 4 months. Her goal is not to be on the cover of every couture catalogue, but instead to inspire others-youths and aged classics alike- to pursue their dreams because it is never too late to make something of yourself. She certainly has proved that and will continue to do so as long as she can.
To contact her, you can reach her at any of her social media! Thank you! If you would like to be a Fresh Face, leave a comment or email me at with pictures, a brief summary of your talent/experience and links to your social media.
instagram: kay-meeks
facebook: karen meekins
phone 919-995-6101