Fresh Face of the Month: Shauwnique Cross


This month, we have a few different fresh faces. This beautiful model is Shauwnique Cross. She is a model who has done both small editorial and minor commercial in two major cities! LA and Chicago. She has a variety of different talents but being photogenic is definitely one of her best. She is now a model and ambassador for Namaste hair company. Her go to photographer is Robb Smoothe, however, she knows how to werk any camera. If you would like to do business with this classic mix of leather and chiffon, grace and grunge, you may contact her at any of her social media accounts! They are as following:
Facebook Shauwnique Cross
Twitter: Shauwnique Cross @So_EcentricX_X
Instagram: shauwniqueeeee
If you would like to be a Fresh Face, leave a comment or email me at with pictures, a brief summary of your talent/experience and links to your social media.