Fresh Face: Shamara Noriega


This Fresh Face is Shamara Noriega. She is a soft and sultry model who is on the rise of becoming a huge name in the industry. Growing up with a pageant enthusiast as a Grandmother, she was always exposed to the beauty world. It caused her to become infatuated with the entire scene. After meeting a photographer who gave her the know how on beginning her modeling career, she has had the privilege of working for clothing lines, doing commercials, working events and advocacies! In addition to modeling she enjoys creative arts such as narrative writing, poetry, comedy, acting and singing. She believes that all aspiring stars should omit "can't" from their vocabulary and shoot for the skies, pursuing every dream that they have. If you would like to contact her, you may reach her at any of the following:
Instagram: @bossmamamara
Twitter: @bossmamamara 
Facebook: bossmama Mara