Costume Makeup: Maleficent Inspired (highly requested)


Today I FINALLY bring you the Maleficent makeup tutorial. I am so sorry it took me literally forever to get to. Life just keep you busy sometimes! But, I thank you for waiting :) So, let's get started! Here is the look:

What You'll Need:
-a white face base (an extremely pale foundation will do)
-varying shades of green eyeshadow
-a dark purple lipstick
-a deep red shimmer gloss
-white eyeliner pencil
-black eyeliner pencil
-varying shades of purple eyeshadow
-white eyeshadow
-volumizing mascara
-a powder brush
-eyeshadow brush
-contour brush
-blending brush
-eyebrow brush
-green contacts

What you'll do:

1)Begin by applying your white facial base with your fingers all over the face. You can do more than one layer if you'd like. The more layers you apply, the more apparent the green in your skin will be.

2)Next, taking a contour brush, begin carving out the hollows of your face with a MATTE dark green eyeshadow. These areas include the sides of the nose, the jawline, the temples and ESPECIALLY the cheekbones! Angelina Jolie's cheekbones are very strong in this role so you want to do your best to emulate that definition. Be sure to blend heavily.

3)Now, taking a powder brush apply a lighter green SHIMMER eyeshadow to the elevated parts of the face to make them appear more prominent. These areas include the middle of the forehead, down the bridge of the nose, the chin and the apples of the cheeks. Be sure to blend heavily.

4)Once you have completed the face makeup, you may move on to the eyebrows. Her eyebrows are very cartoonish so you want yours to likewise mimic that surrealness. Taking an eyebrow brush, brush your eyebrows completely flat. Then go in once more with a little more white face base to conceal your natural brows completely! Pick up your black eyeliner pencil and draw on your eyebows. You want them to be thick, dark, highly arched and semi rounded. They should not have any sharp edges. Underneath the arch, you are going to fill that in with a white eyeliner to create the illusion of a highlighted browbone.

5)Begin lining the eyes. Taking your black eyeliner, create a thick line on the top lids. This line should stretch well past your eye. This will create the illusion of an elongated eye shape like Maleficent. Then, go in with your white eyeliner and line the waterline to open up the eye and make them appear more apparent. Go back in with the black eyeliner right underneath this and create the illusion of a lower lid, thus making the white eyeliner seem more natural.

6)Moving on to the eyes, you want to create a sharp purple smokey eye. Apply your varying shades of purple eyeshadow to the lid and the crease (NOT THE BROWBONE) using your eyeshadow brush. Blend lightly with your blending brush so that it has a sharp gradient effect with the white underneath the brow. You may smoke out the outer corners using a dark green eyeshadow if you wish to add more drama. Apply a volumizing mascara to the lashes. You may add falsies if desired.

7)Add bright green contacts!

8)Lastly, you're gonna do your lips. These are the most simple part. Apply a deep purple lipstick and go on top of that with a shiny dark red lip gloss. You want the shine to be heavy so that it will reflect light and balance out some of the darkness in this makeup look. After this, you are done!

There you have it you guys! That is the Maleficent makeup tutorial. Thanks for your patience.Send me more requests. I really appreciate them. Here is how I look without the makeup for reference.

Yes, I know. That's a goofy pose lol. See you soon!