PRODUCT COLLAB! Lumene Cosmetics


Today we have a product collaboration with Lumene Cosmetics. I must say that I am highly imressed. Thank you so much to the company for working with me! Now, let's get into the details. They sent me the following products:

-LUMENE Age Defying&Repairing Night Cream
-LUMENE Bright Now VItamin C Drops
-LUMENE Time Freeze Ultra Firm Elixir
-LUMENE Time Freeze Firming Day Cream
-LUMENE Time Freeze Anti-Age Color Correcting Cream

I'll start off first with the Vitamin C Drops. These are actually little pods packed with a citrus punch! They are meant to be used after you have washed your face. They give a nice subtle glow to the skin and add a nice vibrancy. If you would like something to give you a beautifully natural glow, then these are for you! They are a nice way to really wake your face up.

Next, I will discuss the Age Defying&Repairing Night Cream. That stuff is magnificent! I put it on before bed and when I wake up, my skin is very soft and rejuvenated! It gives you a nice heavy moisture load without making your face feel greasy. It also helped with of my dry patches. Now, my skin is consistently smooth throughout.

Now, the Ultra Freeze Elixir! This was most certainly my FAVORITE of the products! I applied it to a clean face and it gave my skin instant radiance and it shrunk my pores after a couple of uses! It is also very light weight, a thin water-like glaze texture. But, my favorite part is the fact that it has an alluring berry scent!

The Firming Day Cream was a pleasure to use. It definitely gave my skin an instant lift that made my face appear tighter and seemingly thinner. Since I have a pretty wide face, it was nice to have something that tightened my skin a little bit and made it appear defined.

Lastly, The CC Cream was awesome! I personally used this as a primer for my foundation. Using it underneath my foundation gave me a nice barrier to protect my skin. It's color correcting properties also helped even out some of my hyper pigmentation around areas such as my chin and forehead.

All together, these products were great! Everything was such a joy to use and each product had its own benefits! I highly encourage you to try out Lumene Cosmetics at . Thank you guys so much for reading and I will be coming out with more posts soon :) Don't forget to please add me on social media!