PRODUCT COLLABORATION! Nature's Brands Herbal Choice Mari Facial PM Blemish Stick.

Hi guys!

Today I am coming to you with another product collaboration! I am so very grateful to say that Nature's Brand has allowed me to collab with them. Thank you to the company! I am going to be giving you a review of  Nature's Brands Herbal Choice Mari PM Blemish Stick.($9.95). As a side note, there is also a day time version of this product. 

Let me just say that this product worked very well. It is in stick form with a roller ball applicator. This made it very easy to apply to the skin. I applied it every night to a clean face onto my problem areas where I had gotten pimples. After approximately 3 days, most of my blemishes had disappeared! It's just that simple. Although I may not have extremely acne ridden skin, it is always great to get rid of as many blemishes as possible.

In addition to be a well-working, affordable product, it is all natural Vegan! This products contains no harsh chemicals that could potentially harm the skin. It is also safe to use on those with sensitive skin! Needless to say, I definitely recommend this product to all of you! It's great for removing those stubborn imperfections that just don't wanna budge. And, the best part is that it works while you're sleeping! It can't get much better. Thanks Guys!



  1. Sounds like an awesome product! Even better that it is all natural and budget friendly.

    1. Thank you! It was awesome:) I checked out your site and it awesome


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