PRODUCT FEATURE!! Bella Mari Talc Free Moisturizing Foundation

Hi guys!

First, let me apologize for the long time no see. Today, we have a product feature: Bella Mari Moisturizing Foundation. Thank you to Natures Brands for sending me this lovely foundation for review! I must say that I had a fabulous time with this product and it has now become one of my staples. I tried the shade Tawny Tan!

The two best things about this product are that you receive 1.7  ounces (as opposed to the standard 1 ounce) and that it is very buildable! The mount of coverage that I get when using this foundation is immaculate! One layer gives you medium coverage and two layers will give you complete full coverage. Another thing that I adore about this foundation is that it's organic. It strays away from phony chemical compounds and instead nourishes the skin with natural minerals and plant fibers! Fabulous and eco-friendly!

This foundation is quite awesome. It photographs well and looks beautiful in person! The two things I must warn you of is to use a very light hand because it is easy to over do it because its high pigmentation. You don't want to make it look like you have on a mask. Secondly, you want to use a good moisturizer before applying because it is very matte and can cause the skin to look dry if not properly moisturized. Taking those precautions, you will be fine! Overall, this is a star product!
To purchase this product, visit the link below.