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How's everyone doing today? I hope all is well. I am coming to you guys with a product collab with Pure Romance! First let me say thank you to the company for all of the things that they have provided me with because these products are surely amazing. They sent me the following products for review:

1)Kiss Fragrance Mist ($20)
2)Coochy Shave Cream ($20)
3)Body Silk ($20)
4)Body Dew Hydrating Oil Mist ($20)

The Kiss Fragrance Mist is such a beautiful aroma that is quick, easy and long lasting. With a subtle but sweet sent of pineapple sorbet and vanilla, it leaves you smelling absolutely scrumptious! I feel that this is perfect for the woman who loves to go out and have a great time with her friends but doesn't always have the time or extra funds to splurge on a $50 perfume! This $20 fragrance mist will have you smelling great for hours with just a few sprays.

The Coochy Shave Cream was lovely on my legs! It provided a softening effect on my skin and helped better prep my legs for a smooth shave. Not only did it minimize razor bumps and stubble but it maximized the texture of my skin after I shaved. Also, because I was able to achieve such a smooth finish on my legs, I was able to stretch the time between shaving which allowed more time for sleeping in on those busy school mornings!

The Body Silk was heavenly on my skin! I used this as a body butter after I got out of the shower for a few days in a row and I am already hooked! If you have ever felt the finest fabrics from the most expensive vendors then it still does not even come close to how your body will feel after using this product! Not only does it hydrate your entire body but it provides a very pleasant long lasting aroma that makes every part of you smell yummier than your favorite bakery cake.

Lastly, the Body Dew was my absolute favorite. This product gave my skin a natural sheer glow that was seemingly almost iridescent! Not only does it smell nice, look nice and feel nice, this slightly shimmery oil mist serves as a nice primer for when you are going to be in the sun having fun! It really helped my tan appear evenly and flawlessly.

As you can see, I personally adored all of these products and I will definitely be continuing using these on a regular basis. Stay tuned for a giveaway with some of these ultra fabulous products :) In the meantime, please do check out Pure Romance at the following links. Thanks you guys and enjoy!

Pure Romance Website
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  1. I think you are doing a very good job. But you also need good Vegan foods at work


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