Hey guys!

I know that it's been an extremely long time since I have made an updated hair journey post. It's probably been at least 2 years, but I am back now. If you have been following my blog since the beginning, you know that at the beginning of my hair journey (December 2010) I had hair that was barely past my neck. It was cut into a muffin top bob. You can check that out under the "HAIR" section of my blog, scrolling back to my original posts. Since then I have grown my hair to various lengths multiple times, simply by following a few simple steps which I will share with you today! I swear to you that these tips are tried and true, even if you have never been able to grow your hair past your ears! This will help you get long, healthy hair in no time. Because I have drastically cut my hair multiple times throughout my journey, you probably wouldn't think that my hair has grown too much over almost five years. However, that is quite the opposite. I have been waist length twice, midback length many times and I am currently at brastrap length in attempt to grow out my arm pit length cut from the Spring. I have attached a few pictures, if you want more please scroll back to my old posts under "HAIR"
Me at Midback length
Me now at Brastrap Length

My most recent chop in April to Arm Pit Length

Me at Waist Length

Now that you have a few visuals for proof, let's get into the tips!

1) Ditch the relaxer! Although it is possible to have healthy hair that is relaxed bone straight, it is extremely difficult. Therefore, it's best to ditch the creamy crack. This does not mean you have to go completely natural, however, you should consider going to a much milder alternative such as a texturizer. This will greatly decrease the amount of chemical damage!

2)Wash your hair on a regular basis! Please do not be fooled by the old wive's tale that dirty hair grows better because it doesn't! Quite frankly, it is quite unsanitary to go so long without cleansing the hair and scalp. The scalp is skin just as the rest of your body and it sweats and odors just the same. Also, if the scalp has excessive build up from you neglecting to wash it, you will indeed clog your pores and follicles and actually slow your growth rates! Try to make sure you are washing your hair and scalp 2-4 times a month.

3)Deep condition on a regular basis! This step is just as crucial, if not more, than shampooing the hair and scalp. Ethnic hair is essentially much coarser and dryer. By depositing positive vitamins and nutrients into the hair via deep conditioning, you are giving the hair life and moisture! Take your favorite conditioner after every shampoo and slather it on to the hair from root to tip. Proceed to seal it with your favorite hair oil, this is going to really lock in the moisture. Sit with a plastic cap or bag on your head for at least an hour then rinse.

4)Use a moisturizing agent on a daily basis! To maintain your hair's moisture balance, you must apply a daily moisturizing agent. Whether this be a cream, lotion or oil, you want to be sure that you never skimp out on this step! This is going to give your hair a daily boost. It doesn't have to be a lot. Even it is just a quarter size amount, you are making the effort!

5)Sleep with a satin cap or scarf! Please do not envy the women you see on TV who are not of color when they sleep with their hair down. No boo, that is not for us. For hair that is extremely oily such as theirs that is fine. That is an advantage to having such hair type. However, women with ethnic hair need to sleep with a satin bonnet, scarf or pillowcase because this is what will cut down on the breakage and the dryness while you sleep,

6)Protective style the hair and lay down the hot tools! Although it may be difficult you want to refrain from heat usage as much as possible. This is severely detrimental to the hair. In place of your bone straight hairstyles, try rocking a braid out, twistout, bantu knots,braids, weaves, buns or another heatless style. Try limiting your heat usage to once a month or at least twice a month. But no more than that! Your hair will thank you! This will also greatly increase length retention.

7) Trim when needed! Notice I didn't say trim every 6-8 weeks. That is not always necessary. Quite frankly, if you are taking care of your hair, you shouldn't need to trim your hair any more than 2 to 4 times a year maximum, unless you are transitioning in which case it would be understandable! However, if you have extremely damaged ends, you want to cut those ASAP and start fresh.

There you have it! These are my top 7 hair tips on how to grow ethnic hair long and healthy! Apply these to your daily regimens and watch how your hair prospers! Don't forget to check out my social media, thanks! :)