Fashion Week Chicago 2015 With Kenneth Cole And ProiectUs

Hi guys!

This post is written as an announced thank you to the people at Kenneth Cole and ProjectUs for giving me the honored invitation to be a guest and blogger at their recently held fashion show for Chicago Fashion Week on 2015! I really enjoyed myself at the event. Coming from someone who has had the priviledge of not only attending and producing many fashion shows but also being a model, I think that all aspects of the show were holistically pleasing. This speaks for not only the aesthetics and presentation but the atmosphere as well!

The Style Bias show was held in Block 37 on October 8th, 2015 in downtown Chicago. I personally have been a frequent visitor at the establishment and I must say I have never been so impressed by the awesome atmosphere created by the staff at Kenneth Cole and ProjectUs. I also deeply appreciated the fact that there were several emerging artists and designers that were featured in the show because it adds character and credibility to their brands by not only producing a beautiful event, but by uplifting those less established in the industry. After all, what is success if you don't contribute back to the creative community? Nothing I say..that is one of the main reasons for my Fresh Face Campaign. 

Although I was unable to stay until the end, I know from what I saw that this show was one of the highlights of my year! I was even very pleased to see members of Huey Gang give a musical performance. As former members of YouMedia, it is surely heartwarming to see someone go from writing and producing in the public library to being entertainment at such a high ranking event! Kudos to them.

My concluding regards are with everyone who took the time to read this and the people who allowed me such a fun time. Thanks again to everyone! Please check out my social media and the following websites! :)