#whoiscAe (PLL x Fairytalefacebycalynn Part1)

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Thank you so much for tuning in for my very special collaboration with Pretty Little Liars. This is the very first part of three segments that will be shared on my blog. This segment is the interactive portion #whoiscAe. If you enjoy the search for the identity of the vigilante character, A, then you will enjoy participating in this supersized brainteaser. First, allow me to explain the objective of the game and how to play.

Read the short narrative below. Using the clues located within the text, you are trying to figure out  the identity of the mystery character, Cae. Note that this is not a part of the actual Pretty Little Liars plot line, it is simply for fun engagement! One week after the return of Pretty Little Liars, January 19th, a winner WITH THE MOST CORRECT ANSWERS will be chosen from the comments and will receive an array of prizes listed/pictured below and a blog post will be made announcing them and the correct answers(this is Part 3 of the collab).

-Once you have thoroughly examined the text and have come to a deductive conclusion, comment your answers to all 6 clues BELOW THIS BLOG POST and please be sure to be as detailed as possible and explain your theories.
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PRIZES (20 total):
-2 Eyelash Kits (one Dramatic and one Natural)
-1 Blending Brush
-1 Concealer Brush
-1 Eye Defining Brush
-1 Protein Mascara
-1 Lengthening and Defining Mascara
-1 Black Pencil Eyeliner
-1 Brown Pencil Eyeliner
-1 Nude Pencil Eyeliner
-1 Eyeshadow 8 Color Palette (Purples) (Shimmer and Mattes)
-1 Eyeshadow 8 Color Palette (Blues and Browns) (Shimmer and Mattes)
-1 Pink Lipstain
-1 Nude Matte Lipstick
-1 Red Matte Lipstick
-3 Nail Polishes (Black, Red and Nude)
-A Customized Pretty Little Liars Wallpaper with your favorite characters and yourself
-A shout out across social media

 They all sat in Spencer's living room, awaiting their food delivery. It had been days since they had seen each other and they desperately craved the companionship of one another. Spencer and Toby sat laughing at an old film. Aria, Emily and Hanna were tickled pink by funny photos on Instagram. All were enjoying themselves except for an uneased Caleb who was pacing back and forth along the ridges of the counter top. This had gone unnoticed until Hanna asked abruptly, "What's wrong Caleb?" Everyone ceased their activities and turned to Caleb for his response. He looked up at them all and gave a very unsettled reply, "I'm not so sure I feel safe here tonight..I've just had this feeling of a haunting paranoia ever since yesterday. I don't know, weird things have been happening and it hasn't been because of A."

Hanna stared intently, trying to decipher the stern but fearful look in Caleb's eyes. Toby rose from his seat and began walking towards Caleb and asked, "What kind of weird things? and how do you know it isn't from A?" Caleb responded quickly saying, "Well, I know it isn't A because A leaves a certain trademark with every trap, every trick, every torture. This time, there were no A trademarks. As opposed to seaming like a string of regulated attacks, they seem more like correlating coincidences. Like, this morning, I woke up and all of my grooming items were organized into a pattern of those that began with C, then A, then E. Anything else was scattered across the floor. Or, the morning before, I was going through my cell phone and all songs that didn't contain the letters C, A or E had gotten moved to a Playlist titled 'The Blind Eye.' That means that someone had to be in my house..Not to mention, on the drive over here I could just feel someone following me."

Aria was wide eyed with angst and replied "Man, that is wicked creepy..just when we thought that we'd gotten A off of our case, here comes another problem." Suddenly the bell rang and they all turned to the door in silence. "I'll get it. It's my house.." said Spencer as she cautiously walked to answer the door. To her surprise, it was Alison, drenched in apparent terror. "Has it been happening to you guys too? " "Come in and sit," Spencer urged her as she shut the front the door. "Crazy stuff has been happening to me all of today you guys..all of my clothes in my closet were removed except for coats, crew necks, ascots.." Caleb sharply interrupted her, "And anything else that begins with E. Right?" Alison's face grew more weary as she spoke the words, "Yeah..that's exactly right. And that's just the tip of the ice berg. I know it isn't A because everything is connected but not harmful in anyway...there is no message. It's just a bunch of weird happen stance.."

The bell rang yet again and everyone waited with baited breath for a brave soul to volunteer its answer.."I'll get it this time" Toby said as he hiked up his pants and marched heroicly to the door. When he opened it, he stood silent and resolute as if he had been frozen in time. Spencer lowly uttered his name "Toby" in attempt to get his attention. He turned around to the rest of them and said, "It's our food...but there's no delivery man. Just our pizzas. That's weird." He carried them inside and set them on the counter top.

They all glanced at each other, as if telepathically arriving at a consensus as to what they were going to do. "Well, I'm starving so I'm gonna grab my slice. Food will probably help ease the nerves, and it's my favorite" said Caleb, as he grabbed a slice and began to chow down. "I'm gonna run to the bathroom before I eat," Alison announced as she stepped off down the hallway. "Okay then, well I guess we can all eat then! Dig in" Hanna said as she was preparing to grab a slice of the pizza. Before she could do this, Caleb gripped her wrist with the strength of a thousand men. "What?" she asked, very off put at his reaction. He opened his mouth, and barely choked the word, "no, don't" as he collapsed onto the cold hardwood floors. Everyone gasped in shock, as he lay airless on the floor and his chest slowly releasing.

Hanna dropped to her knees and sat beside him, shaking him, calling "Caleb" in attempt to wake him from his slit induced slumber. "Oh my gosh! We have to get him to the hospital! Come on guys, someone go grab Ali and let's get a move on" Hanna barked, teary eyed and edged. "I'll get her" Emily volunteered. She walked off down the hallway as everyone gathered their belongings. "Hey, wait. There's something underneath this pizza..it's paper" said Aria, pulling the hidden letter out from underneath the pie. Before she could read it, Emily burst into the living room announcing "Ali's gone! I can't find her!"

"Well where would she go Emily? Are you sure?!" Spencer snapped. "Yes, I'm positive. I checked all the rooms in that direction and she is definitely not in this house." "Wait, you guys. This all seems like foul play. Both Ali and Caleb told us about those sketchy experiences they both had. Now one's missing and the other is unconscious. This is all connected..the way its looking one of us might be next. So let's all read this letter because it's the only thing that links us to the situation" Aria announced. "I'll read it," Spencer volunteered.

"Dear friends,

I'm sure that I have gotten your attention. I want you to know that I love you dearly but I can't let this go unnoticed. Just as sure as the sky is blue, you will recognize me and my presence. Now, my identity probably will not come to mind so easy. After all, I have always been a figment of the shadows in regards to your concept of relevancy. However, now is a better time than ever to reveal myself as I am soon to fulfill my purpose. Follow the 6 puzzles I have provided and draw your best guess..do not take too long as your time is short. The one to hit the nail on the head is the one who shall be spared. I look forward to our encounter :*


"What in the world? Not this again!" Emily said as she rolled her eyes in dismay. "Why is it always us?" Hanna complained as she wept heavily over Caleb's limp body. "Should we take this to Tanner? Toby, what do you think?" Aria asked nervously. "No. I say let's figure it out ourselves. I'll read the list" he replied.

"Clue 1: What Is My Name?
Just as the sea sways deep into the night and early into the dawn, a genius forever will outsmart her pawns. Brains over beauty, stark over Elle. Don't ask why because after the revelation, my name will ring a bell. Double trouble with a straight line and a hook, my bate I will snatch with moves not from the book.

Clue 2: Who Am I?
I've lived in your shadows, resenting your identity. Yet, now I have come into my own light and gained control like Persephone. Humble yet accomplished, I will continue my reign, as the success story I am who you once taunted and shamed. You all sat in those four walls with the mother of a member and the lover of another instructing you. Meanwhile I was on the road doing business and constructing a crew. Me and my team sit eager, after you dragged me through the mud. That's why you're all still being stalked by maniacs in a hood.

Clue 3: Why am I after you?
Think back to our youth when you estranged me like a leper. Now, I'm calling the shots leading you on  as the shepherd. I am no vigilante, just keeping the field afloat. Recall a Black Widow? A bright Red Coat? The purpose that serves is greater than the sum of its parts, yet sometimes you have to work from a distance to mend broken hearts. Maybe not yours, but mine. It took some time, a month of summers, until finally I was able to rise from the under. This certainly shall come..Not until the bonds are healed will I be done. Because I am not at all the one.

Clue 4: Who are my next targets?
You know my name. You know my alias. Think about it...good..one by one yet simultaneous. What's the pattern between the victims and the signs? Where do the correlations and common factors lie? Read between the lines, specifically the letters..the ones who aren't cohesive are off far far better.

Clue 5: Who Is My accomplice?
One of few friends who embraced me without vacation. You also pushed them aside despite your relation. Their life may be the result of a "mistake" but their companionship is valued, eyes closed or awake.

Clue 6: What does it take for me to leave you be?
For every beginning, there is an ending. Sun rise to set. The key to your liberty is cognitive success. One last chance to test your intelligence, your wit to my candor. All 54 squares organized by hue and sature. It's all about the mind, measuring how far you've all came. This letter might seem juvenile but is far from a child's game. Think long and hard before making your next move. Weed out the red herrings and separate the clues. Stretch your imagination, but not too far or you'll lose. For all of your choices determine whether I'll bid you adieu.."


Thanks for playing :) May reason be in your favor