New 2016 Partnership, The Fresh Faces Project Headliners H.U.E.Y. Gang

What's up guys!

I hope all has been well with you. I am coming at you to inform you that the 2016 Fresh Faces Project is in full motion and it has some new headliners, H.U.E.Y. Gang ! It has been my pleasure working with them over the years and growing to build a solid foundation for our newly found partnership! As the headliners, they are now recruited as a huge part of my team and have the right to exercise creative license when recruiting potential participants and making suggestions as far as the non profit campaign goes. Thanks so much to them, specifically Lawrence Mead AKA The Law of H.U.E.Y.(@thelawofhuey), whom has been hands down the most resourceful and helpful .

Just a few words from the entrepreneurial genius himself about the group include the following:
"H.U.E.Y.'s purpose in the industry is to provide the world with excellent music while simultaneously providing sincere community service." According to him, because H.U.E.Y. is not a group, yet rather an eclectic music style and movement, the team strives to provide succinct results that are in line with their idealized goals while remaining true to themselves as individual artists.

As far as their volunteer work at the youth collaborative, YouMedia at Harold Washington Library, he feels this way "Team work makes the dream work. Our work with YouMedia is not a hobby but an obligation as a movement. We do this because someone once did it for us and it is our job to allow ones to sharpen their tools and progress, all while providing phenomenal inspiration. This is why our biggest successes are not only about our tours and music, performances at Donda's House etc but it is our positive influence over the community."

What a great group! As you can see, they were very well deserving of the position of being the headliners for the 2016 Fresh Faces Project! If you think they sound familiar it is because they are, I included them and their performance at the 2015 Kenneth Cole Fashion Week Chicago show in my blog post linked below!

If you would like to become a participant in the Fresh Faces Project where we provide free promotional services and business networking for aspiring talent and entrepreneurs then please email me a summary of your talents and expereince, links to your social media and 4 photos at Thanks :)! And don't forget to follow my social media please

Kenneth Cole HUEY