Celebrity Fresh Faces Participant: Mark Schwartz part 2

Hi guys!

Thanks for reading! As you all remember, the amazing Mr. Mark Schwartz was featured as a celebrity participant in The Fresh Faces Campaign for his awesome works in fashion and shoe design. In case you missed it, here's a small run down of his expertise (entire feature linked below):

He has over three decades worth of experience in the fashion and arts industry. He has been trained by and partnered with legendary innovators such as Andy Warhol and Roger Vivier. His work has graced the pages of almost any high ranking fashion magazine that you can think of. He sells out internationally, including the fashion capitol of the world, Paris. And, his celebrity client list is a mile long with names such as Oprah, Madonna, Lady Gaga and Wendy Williams.

With such a resume, I am highly enthused that he has agreed to work with me and I would again like to offer thanks!

Today, we are going to focus less on the fashion aspect of his career and moreso on the artistic end. I have pulled a few images from his website, which is linked below and we are going to disect them to show that Mr. Mark Schwartz talent stems deeper than stylish footwear, but it actually has real meaning. As you know, art is very interpretable and these are my own drawings from his pieces and not necessarily the only way to see things.

This image to me is certainly one of my favorites. In the picture, you have a yellow cow with a sassy strappy blue sequin sandal hanging from its horn. From this, it reminds me of how we as women are expected to offer so much and to be depended on, all while maintaining this polished, put together image. This is certainly relateable because as a career woman, you have a million things to do in a day and only so many hours to do them. Yet, if you slack off in your appearance and you do not "dress the part" then at times your talents and diligent efforts can be discredited or invalidated because image is looked at in such a high regard, especially for women. It's not enough to BE great, you have to LOOK great too. That can be a lot of pressure at times but it is something that career women accomplish every day, which is why I appreciated this image so much. #GirlBoss

In this image you have two ankle booties turned upside down with a stylized image of a butterfly seemingly connecting them in the middle. To me, this image is representative of how the idea of what is fashionable is ever changing, ever growing and evolving. There is never a stand still because every advances and everything continues on. What is trendy today will not be trending forever. Whereas, the fashion industry is cyclic and time almost repeats itself. Just as the metamorphasis of a larva to a catepillar to a butterfly is a process, a cycle, so is the evolution of fashion and art!

In this image, you have a pair of ballerina shoes with a high stiletto heel and a lime green animal print. I draw from this that the maintenance of talent, success and beauty takes beastly strrength on the part of anyone. In order to achieve your goals you can not rely on being lack luster or lazy. You must maintain a high level of drive and motivation. The average one is not meant to exceed, but it takes the one who is willing to put in the work to break the bar and set new heights! Taking risks, making tough decisions, blood sweat and tears is what it takes to really make your passion successful. This is the very reason that being an entrepreneur is not for everyone. That is not to say that working for someone else is inferior to having your own business, that's just saying that it takes two completely different mind sets.

These were simply my interpretations of only a few of his works! Feel free to visit his website linked below and check out his previous feature! You can draw your own interpretations from his aesthetically enchanting art or maybe even find inspiration in his visuals. I know that I do. Thanks for reading, until next time!

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