Special Fresh Faces Collaboration: All My Friends Are Models

Hi guys!

I hope all is well! Thanks again for reading. Today, I am coming at you guys with a special collaboration for the Fresh Faces Project, All My Friends Are Models. This company has helped me so much throughout the year plus that I have been collabing with them. I felt that you all should certainly be informed about such an awesome movement! Right now, All My Friends Are Models serves as one of my most consistent clients of all time, in the 5 plus years that I have been blogging. I am proud to say that I have the ability of holding a title as one of their journalists and I hope to continue this relationship far into my career.

So, you might ask, "What is this company? What do they do?" Well, as stated by their website, Here is a small excerpt of their mission:

"Giving the models a voice and teaching our readers not to feel intimidated by their lives, or the false ideas that surround them. Looking beyond the glamorous fashion fa├žade, we are focusing on the details that are not covered in traditional fashion publications. Empowering you to not be intimidated by models but rather inspire you to enrich your life through the interviews, fashion tips and lifestyle advice we bring you.We are a curation of ideas, work and editorial content from a group of renowned creative talents who have come together with a common vision of a new breed of fashion journalism."

What a breath taking summary huh? Well, that's not it. If you thought that was good, wait til you hear a little bit about the owner, Miss Sasha Benz! Here is an excerpt from the website giving you some insight on her climb to success from rock bottom to bangin' boss lady ;) :

"I was dropped on my head as a six month old baby. Most people think it’s a joke when I tell them, but I have a massive dent in the side of my head to prove it. It’s an opening for a good laugh and easy conversation, but it also says so much more about me. Looking back, my career started at the age of 18. I finished school, planned to go to college, but was offered an internship at an unknown magazine at that time. I had never known exactly what I wanted to do, but when this opportunity came around, I knew it was right.

After six months at the magazine, out of the pile of other interns, I was chosen to come on board full time as an assistant stylist. It’s now one of the most recognized and successful independent fashion magazines around.

Over five years of hard work and dedication, I climbed the proverbial ladder, got myself represented at an agency and scored a gig as the fashion editor for an overseas publication. In between travel and building a career, I began working and styling for some of the leading designers and fashion magazines in Australia. But it wasn’t enough for me. I saw the bigger picture....(visit the website for the rest of the story)"

Needless to say, you are probably very impressed with the vibe that All My Friends Are Models presents. I, myself, was thoroughly impressed when the opportunity of becoming one of their regularly featured journalists presented itself. I am very grateful, thank you so much for that! I have left the links down below for you guys to check them out as well as some photos from teh site! Like and share and have a great day. 


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