Special Fresh Faces Collaboration: Poze Productions/Poze Records and the XMA Music Awards


I hope you guys are doing absolutely fantastic! Thanks again for tuning in. Today, I am coming at you guys with a very special post that is absolutely dear to my heart. This post is not only to speak on the fabulous time I had at the XMA music awards but to announce my new partnership with Poze Productions / Poze Records. Although I have announced many other business collabs in the past, I honestly can say that this one hits home. As you all know, I am the Founder of my non for profit campaign, The Fresh Faces Project, in which I help aspiring talent gain free promotion, networking and social media management. Well, Poze Productions has a very similar outlook on reaching to help those trying to make it in their career. That is why I am sending my love and gratitude to Miss Harmony and Vanessa, as well as the CEO, Mike Greyer, of course for allowing me to be a part of their organization!

Here are a few words from the company to describe some of their best attributes:

"Pozeproductions.com is more than a website. Here you can meet other musicians, chat, download your music and videos. This site is completely free to join.
There is no one like us. We are a one-stop shop for the unsigned and signed artists. We offer many services-
Our own magazine is Free for all VIPs
Poze Radio has over 170,000 plays and counting, and over 7,000 followers.
Poze TV has over 500,000 viewers. 
Artists earn actual awards and certificates for their talents and achievements at our annual awards ceremony.
Poze Distribution allows you to Get your music on iTunes through the Poze Records label.
VIP Artists receive a magazine feature, Poze TV, can perform on the Poze Tour, and weekly radio airplay. Plus, Monthly Tips on who is looking for music, what labels need your type of music and other opportunities in the music industry."

These are just a few of the things that Poze has to offer. I honestly can not even enumerate the amazing qualities of this company. As someoene who sees it as her mission to not only build my own brand and grow my own business but to help others reach success and live out their dreams, I feel like the work that Poze puts in is going towards a great cause. It is no wonder that they are partnered with and endorsed by hip hop star Doug E Fresh.

Needless to say, I had an awesome time at the music awards. Thank you so much to my assistant Nailah who was able to attend alongside me. She is also a former Fresh Face, Miss Teen Illinois Congeniality and renowned ballet vet with almost two decades in the game. Thus, she too relates to the grinding hard work involved in reaching your potential. Seeing the passionate performances, the enthusiastic hosts and the ever so grateful recipients brought great joy to me. This red carpet event was definitely something that I look forward to attending every year as a new partner! Unfortunately, some of my photos got deleted of the hosts and two of the performers :( I will try my best to recover them. In the mean time, please check out some of the images from the event and the website, as well as checking out their links down below! Thanks again to Poze!


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