The Wonderland Fashion Show: Fresh Faces Collaboration with House of Tres Jolie Boutique

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I hope all is well. Thanks again as always for reading! Today I am coming at you guys with a special feature for the House of Tres Jolie Boutique. I was granted the honor of partnering with them for The Fresh Faces Project and giving you guys a little bit of insight into their business. I myself was able to see first hand how truly hard working and amazing the staff is when I was granted VIP access to their Wonderland Fashion Show a couple of weeks ago. I must say that I was truly floored. A huge thank you from both me and my assistant Shay goes out to the CEO, Miss Sam Cook. She did a fabulous job putting the whole thing together.

The event was hosted by legendary media personality Miss Frankie Robinson, whom I had the pleasure of meeting along with my assistant Shay. Her comical and down to earth demeanor really kept the crowd and the staffsmen at ease and feeling relaxed throughout such a production!

Some of the vendors and designers that were featured in the fashion show included of course House of Tres Jolie Boutique, 828 Collection, Epic Style Lounge, Yesss! Boutique, Lavea Couture, Kham'ryn B Shoes and Kiwi's Boutique. All of them are linked below. The fashion combinations that were presented at the show somehow managed to juxtapose whimsicality, fierceness and fashionable wearability. It was aesthetically amazing to see some of the colorful, artistic compositions that these designers put out on the stage! Not to mention, two of my favorite Chicago fashion models were there ripping the runway and cutting the crowd to shreds! Ayana Iman and Char Apara are linked below as well.

Besides the obviously enchanting evening that we spent with House of Tres Jolie Boutique, I can truly say that I stand behind their work. Miss Sam Cook is an inspiration in her endeavours as she claims the following statements about her work with House of Tres Jolie on the website:

"This one-of-a-kind boutique has been operating for 5 years.  While the current focus is the online market, Sam also does pop-up shops in and around Chicago. #CatchHerIfYouCan. The goal is not to just sell clothes but to aid in enhancing the voice, expression and style of every woman, no matter size, shape or age.  Fashion isn't only about what you wear, it's about freedom in self and being unapologetically you.  It's confidence. It's life. It's House of Tres Jolie."

You guys should certainly check out the links below and support! You will not be disappointed. And this will not be the last you hear of me and Tres Jolie. Good night!

 Myself and Sam Cook

My assistant Shay and I

Frankie Robinson, my assistant Shay and I
Shay and Char Apara

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