African Festival of The Arts 2016!

Hey guys!

I hope you are all doing great! I am coming to you guys with a post that is long overdue! This is a thank you post to the staff and vendors from the 2016 African Festival of The Arts. I was honored to be able to attend some of the festival as media. Although I was only able to attend a portion of the 4 day event, I had an amazing time. A huge shout out to Africa International House and Miss Felicia Apprey for the opportunity. I'm not going to ramble on into too much detail with this post because if I went into detail about all of the awesome vendors and models that I came across during this event, it would fill an entire book! So instead, I took the time to link below a lot of the vendors and participants who stood out to me. And, I am going to encourage you to not only check them out but to follow them on social media and perhaps even make a purchase! Enjoy the photos and the links. Thanks for reading guys!

AIH Website
Felicia Apprey Facebook

SOME VENDORS WHO STOOD OUT TO ME (some you are familair with)

Chez Delali Salon Website
Black Fashion America Website
Blklsts Facebook
Ivy League Tutoring Website
Black Tag Apparel Website
Solo Noir Website
The Global Village Website
Black Child Clothing Website
Opoku Art Website
Oooh Wee! Sweet Tea Website
Gummi Time Instagram
Culture Beautiful Website

Char Apara Facebook
Ayana Iman Facebook
Blair Sorraya Facebook
Angel Knight Facebook
Natevia Green Facebook