Bellina Caetano and Aloe Brazil Fashion Party

Hi guys!

I hope you are doing awesome! Today, I am coming at you guys with a super quick post about my lovely experience at the Bellina Caetano fashion party back in September! I had a very nice time and would love to give a special thank you to not only to the hosts, Bella July and Bete Feliciano, but to Shay James whom invited me to attend alongside her as press. I very much appreciate it.

The event featured the vibrant and vivacious jewelry accessory collection from native Brazillian designer, Bella July. Her creations are quite wearable and affordable. By using high quality materials, she creates the illusion of a million dollar jewelry set at a minimal price point. For the longevity and fashion forwardness of her collection, she gives your average girl a chance to rock a celebrity's accessories!

Bete Feliciano gives you amazing athletic wear at very reasonable price points! She makes it a point to use materials that are not only super durable so that you can use them in any form of excercise, but very different and stylish! After all, it seems like most fitness gear is either plain jane or too much money! She gives you the perfect medium by offering fun, fierce colors and patterns paired with flexible materials!

In addition to the cool fashion visuals, the food and music was top knotch! I got a chance to experience a taste of Brazillian culture for the first time and it was something I will remember. The best part of the menu was DEFINITELY the Brazillian drink that I got to try for the first time, Guarana! I can honestly say it was delicious and that I have never tasted anything like it!

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Thank you again to everyone! Check out the links below to Bellina Caetano, Shay James, Aloe Brazil, photographer John Collins and Guarana! Sadly I lost the photo of myself and Shay but if I find it I will add it in!

Shay James Instagram
Bellina Caetano Facebook
Bellina Caetano Instagram
Bete Feliciano Instagram
Aloe Brazil Instagram
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Guarana Website
John Collins Facebook