How I Started Working In Television As a Fashion-Beauty-Lifestyle Show Host!

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I hope you guys are doing quite well! I certainly am having a pretty good day today. Let's cut to the chase with today's post as I am currently preparing to leave to cover another event!

 I get a lot of people asking me how I got into television and on camera media action. Well, that my friends is a HUGE thank you that I owe to Miss Felcia Apprey and Mr. Abdul from Africa International House, as well as the staff at CAN TV! As you all know, I have been working in the fluid industry of journalism for quite some time. If you have been following my blog since its beginning in 2011, you know that writing has always been and will always be a die hard passion of mine. However, I never thought that expressing my thoughts and opinions in front of a camera would be my coupled medium next to the paper and pen or in this case keyboard.

Yet, when I got a call from Miss Felicia, whom I had already been working with on various other projects in terms of events and blogging, asking if I would be interested in becoming the new face of Africa International House for their TV series, I felt renessaince. Not that this opportunity would change who I am as a woman, a friend, a sister or a daughter...BUT I knew that this would change the game for me as an entrepreneur. This gig would offer me an entire new pathway into a form of media that I had never explored. Thus, it would give me that much more angle into the creative industry, hence giving me more knowledge, power and connections to grow my not for profit campaign, The Fresh Faces Project. In the end, it would grant me the ability to help many more individuals in their secular endeavours and "dream chasing." That is more important to me than any amount of wealth that I cdould possibly amass by dedicating my successes solely to myself. As I always say, there is no such thing as success if you do not use what you gain from that to help others. Especially as a female entrepreneur of color.

Now, I won't get too much into what led me to the point of even being plausible for this position, as detailing my entire career and its twists and turns shall certainly be another blog post! But, what I can tell you is that the results of me being gifted such an opportunity has led to many fun times, good people and valuable lessons! Also, my experience in television allowed me to become an on camera interviewer for Black Fashion America, with whom I also already had a working relationship. Some of those videos are linked below. Thank you to Miss Melody Boykin for that! Don't hold your breath because I will be back next season on CAN TV and if you follow my social media as listed in the tab on my blog, you will certainly be able to keep up to date with all of the latest episodes and cool facts about what's happening at Africa International House!

I have linked below AIH's website, as well as the social media handles of some of the previous guests, Miss Felicia and Mr. Abdul, some previous episodes from last season, some related blog posts and some clips from my on site interviews with various vendors from BFWUSA's Pop up Shop! Please feel free to check out all of the links and images that I included. Thanks for reading! See ya next season guys ;)

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