Latino Fashion Week Chicago 2016!

Hey guys!

I hope all is well. Thanks for reading! Today, I am writing you about my amazing experience at Latino Fashion Week 2016. Obviously, I owe a huge thank you to the people and staff at LFW for allowing me to enjoy the event as VIP/Media, as well as gifting me and my assistant VIP packages. That was a priviledge.

Just a quick exerpt from the website (linked below) explaining what Latino Fashion Week is:

"Latino Fashion Week® was created to support the talent of local, national and international Latino designers and is the premier resource institution for those in the Latino Fashion Industry. By Latinos, For Everyone."

Because this event was a three day event, I unfortunately was not able to attend the entire thing. But, I did get to attend the last two days where I had a blast! The entire ambiance of Latin culture mixed with high end fashion was the bomb indeed. The food that was served to us was great. There was a wide variety of meats, sides and drinks so that everyone could have satisfy their appetite. The music was fun and entertaining so that we were able to get a quick shimmy in before the fashion shows began.

While we were enjoying the VIP reception, I got a chance to interract with some of the vendors present such as Monique Boutique, Chica Fina, BUILD Chicago, NFV Entertainment and BeBuddha Jewelry. All of whom were very pleasant to speak with and had awesome products and services to offer. They are linked below so be sure to check them out!

Now, for the fashion show portion. Can we say "asombroso (amazing)"?!The entire production was well worth while. Some of the designers whom I got a chance to witness were Edgar Lozzano, Yirko Sivirich, Benito Santos and Wilfredo Gerardo. They blew my mind. With the intricate uses of texture and color, lines and draping as well as overall aesthetical appeal, these designers took both my and my assistants breath away. I am so happy to be able to say that I was front and center to see their collections. They are linked below so please check the out!

Needless to say, I had am unforgettable time and I hope to have the honor of attending next year's Latino Fashion Week Chicago. Enjoy the images and the links below!

The lovely hosts
 Me and one of the staffs people
 Day Two With

 Day three with my assistant Shay aka Styled Poetic
 Day two with my assistant Mikaela

Latino Fashion Week Website
LFW Facebook
LFW Twitter

Shay Instagram
Mikaela Instagram

Monique Boutique
BUILD Chicago
Chica Fina Apparel
NFV Entertainment
BeBuddha Jewelry

Yirko Sivirich
Wilfredo Gerardo
Edgar Lozzano
Benito Santos


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