Hi guys!

I you guys are all doing great! I am coming at you guys with a different type of post today. I am offering various career opportunities for anyone who wants to have a part in the advancement of the Fresh Faces Project :) I'M HIRING! :)

Interns - Assistants

This position is great for indivdiuals who are seeking to gain experience, as well as have some great times in the fashion industry! Ideally, persons who apply for this position are teenagers with little to no work experience, but plenty of drive and passion for fashion and the creative industry. You will learn many aspects of entreprenuership, fashion styling, blogging, PR, social media marketing etc.  Although this position is unpaid, you get fun perks of attending large city events, some even red carpet, with me as my assistant (for examples check out my blog). You will also be expected to help drive fraffic to the blog and any other duties that I assign you. Personalized letters of recommendation will be given to any good intern-assistant within a week of request, as well as the ability to use me as a contact reference for jobs. Quarterly gift cards will be administered as a thank you, depending on performance.

**EMAIL, subject "intern" with cover letter and/or resume. Tell me a little about yourself i.e hobbies, school, talents etc

Brands Ambassadors - Client Recruiters

This position is amazing for those who have connections in the fashion industry and are seeking to gain residual income just from bringing in clientele. I provide services for other companies as a published fashion-beauty-entertainment writer, event blogger, TV Host and Media Personality. You will receive a 15% commission from contracts that you earn me.

**EMAIL, subject "brand ambassador" with cover letter and resume.
Book Salesmen

If you are a great salesman, then apply to be one of my book salesman! I require a minimum quota of 50 books sold per month and you gain a 15% commission from the sales. If you sell 200+ books a month then your commission gets upgraded to 25% of sales. Recall that all my shares of the proceeds are going towards The Fresh Faces Project!


**EMAIL, subject "book salesmen" with cover letter and resume.
Guest Social Media Influencer ( Work With Mark Schwartz!)

Are you a blogger or someone with a large social media following who is looking to work with an industry veteran with decades of experience as an artist and celebrity fashion designer? Well then you are the type of person we need! Fresh Faces Partner, Mark Schwartz is looking for social media influencers to help raise awareness for his brand. In return, you will receive a networking opportunity to discuss any business ideas for collaboration that you may have between yourself and him. Also, you will receive cross promotion from both my brand and his!


**EMAIL, subject "mark schwartz" with cover letter and resume.

Guest Writer For Miss Planetary

Are you a blogger or writer who is looking to write for an established women's leadership organization and fashion institution? You will receive free exposure on their platform as well as my personal channel. Also, all guest writers for miss Planetary receive the chance of VIP Media Access to all Miss Planetary events.

**EMAIL, subject "Miss Planetary Writer" with cover letter and resume.

Fresh Faces Participants

You guys are the ones who make the Fresh Faces Project worth doing! We feature aspiring talents on the blog, as well as give you free social media promotion and networking opportunities. I am open minded to all types of creatives, not just fashion related! To be featured as the next participant, all you have to do is email me telling your story and giving your experiences with some fun photos of course and the links to your social media! The only thing expected on your part is to blast the published blog post on your social media once it is sent to you to help drive traffic, as well as following my social media pages.

**EMAIL with subject "fresh faces participant"

Fresh Faces Partners

Are you someone who would like partner with me for a business collaboration? If so, please feel free to contact me at any time! I am open to many different types of collaborations. Whether you want your company to be featured on the blog as a Fresh Faces Partner, you want to collaborate on a product or you want me to attend your company's event in exchange for press/media, I'm down for it all! I look forward to speaking with you.

**EMAIL with the subject of your inquiry

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