Designers Take Back Chicago With Delvin McCray!

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Thanks again for reading :) ! I am coming at you guys with an overdue post on my awesome experience at Designers Take Back Chicago. I was honored to be able to attend as VIP Media, along with my lovely aunt Miriam, thanks to the main designer, Delvin McCray. I am very grateful to him for that.

First off, if you are unfamiliar with Delvin McCray, then here's a short statement from him: "I am finishing my last semester at Columbia College Chicago with a BFA in Fashion Design. I have interned with companies such as Cotton Inc and LOLA MINX. I sought out special couture skills and tailoring techniques outside of school. I was previously trained by a master corset maker from Europe. I have been doing custom designs for 2 years and my company is now expanding to retail while offering custom made garments. I have 3 years experience in the fashion industry and sales. My mission is to bring elegance, timelessness, and innovation to American fashion. Practicing the same techniques used in Parisian ateliers, I am to create a competitive brand to that of Haute Couture. Slowing down fashion and bringing it back to quality and timeless elegance." Sounds pretty impressive, right? That's why his links are down below.

Now, let's talk about the event. This was a large collaborative fashion show organized by Delvin to encourage the showcase of local Chicago Designers for Fall Fashion Week. As you can see from the images below, the designs were not only visually pleasing but they were technically impeccable. The construction skills of the designers was just as impressive as the imaginative skills, especially with Delvin's work. The event lasted a total of approximately 3 hours and there was never a dull moment!
With great music mixes, fierce fashion models and killer garments, the show came together very nicely. Might I add that I appreciate the model casting. They were diversified in appearance and that is very important to me in keeping me engaged during a show.

Also, I was able to enjoy complimentary beverages and great food! All of the staff had such warm, hospitable demeanors and made me feel so welcome! All in all, the event was fabulous. I definitely hope to be given the priviledge of coming to the next one. Thank you so much to Delvin McCray from myself and my aunt! Congratulations on a successful show.

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