I Just Published My First Real Novel! The Details and Purchase Link :)

Hi guys!

I am writing you an incredibly special post tonight. I have officially published my first real novel. The title is "Memoirs of a Fashion Industry Fighter...and other things your advisor can't tell you." The story chronicles my experiences in life and working my entire career in the fashion industry through the eyes of a fictional character. Think of it as an embellished journal or diary with my biography as the base and my creativity as the enhancement.  There are ups and downs, wins and losses, romance and heartbreak as well as emotional torment. It gets to the depths of the mind of a young businesswoman struggling to succeed.

The purchase link is below. It's selling for $2.50. Please include your email when you check out so that I may send the book to you as a PDF. I own the rights and you acknowledge that by purchasing this book you are not allowed to republish, rewrite, share or distribute the item. If so, you will be taken to a court of law at your expense.

Thank you so much for all of your support :) All proceeds will go to charity and the advancement of my not for profit!

Please allow up to 2 business days for your copy.


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