Queen of Katwe Chicago Premiere Screening

Hi guys!

I hope you all are doing well. I am here to tell you guys about the amazing experience that I was honored to have with my partner and mentor, Miss Felicia Apprey. Much love and thanks to her! She was able to coordinate the Chicago screening for Disney's Queen of Katwe and it was just lovely. This event was thrown in conjunction with her own company, The African L.I.F.E. Here's a little about it as said by their social media "The African LIFE is a multifaceted organization focused on bridging the gap between the children of the diaspora and the continent of Africa. As first generation Africans living in America, our goal is to maintain this connection through sharing ways of African LIVING; sharing experiences that provide INSPIRATION; showcasing beautiful African FASHIONS; and providing ENTERTAINMENT by way of news, photos, and video. Our team of focused professionals is driven by a passion for event planning, sponsorship development, and providing philanthropic services." 

The event itself was great. There were TWO red carpets, tons of goodies, a free movie and photographers galore. Sadly, I was unable to stay for the entire thing but for the time that I did attend, I enjoyed myself definitely. More than that, I support the cause behind this event. As people of color, especially those of African descent we need to stick together in our business ventures so that we can uplift each other. As a community, it is fundamental that we support one another so that we can all rise to success and fulfillment, thus benefiting people of color as a whole. 

Thank you again to Miss Felicia for my invitation! Check out the few images and links below. Please support!