Fresh Face: Rickkyra Pierce

Hi guys! 

Thanks again for reading! Today, I am coming at you guys with a different kind of Fresh Faces post. I had an inquiry from a lovely young woman who is apsiring to excel in the fashion industry and she prefers to tell her own story through her own words. Which is a great idea! She is looking for anyone who is connected in the fashion and beauty industry to offer her new opportunities so that she may get her foot in the door! She is open to both paid jobs and internships! Here's her letter:

" Dear Calynn M Lawrence,

I would love you to feature me on your blog for The Fresh Faces Project. I want to gain exposure and am seeking opportunities in fashion. I want you to relay my message to the public.

 'Wow look at what she's wearing! That piece of art is something we thought was impossible.' That's what I like people to think of me and my designs. I'm Rickkyra, and I am told that I am very unique and creative, like my name. I'm the girl so fierce that I made a newspaper dress, newspaper pumps, and a clutch. Fashion is only a small portion of the multitude of talents and hobbies that I have. I crochet, sing, write songs, act, dance, and am looking to enter the world of commercial modeling! 
     My love for art is the basis for everything I do. I'm a hard worker, and will go days with no sleep to accomplish my goals. So where do you come in you ask? Well I need your guidance and mentoring. I'm 19, yet a very mature young lady that would love to be a model. I have conquered many obstacles in my life and I'm not afraid of this journey! Putting others ahead of myself and going out my way is what I've done most of my life. In this moment, I am taking my life back and spreading my wings! Please help to fly by opening up ant opportunities that you may have."

Thank you so much Rickkyra for writing The Fresh Faces Project and allowing me the priviledge of sending out your message on my platform! Please go check out her links below and support! You may also recognize her as she was the guest blogger for Mark Schwartz ;)

Email Rickkyra! ( IF LINK DOES NOT WORK: