Fresh Face: Taran Knight

Hi guys!

Thanks again for reading! This Fresh Face is an absolute pleasure to have on my blog. He wrote The Fresh Faces Project with an interest in being featured and I was very impressed by his profile! His modeling portfolio is quite the mix of sophisticated class and urban chill. His name is Taran Knight, a a 23 Year Old Fashion Model. He was born in the city of Detroit, Michigan.

His path to success began when he started his Fashion Modeling Career in August of 2015 at the Annual “African World Festival: Detroit Rock's the RUNWAY!”. Ever since, he has since been dedicated to his craft to study the greats of Grace Jones, Chanel Imam, Tyson Beckford, Tyra Banks, etc; He has done plenty of shows from the state of Michigan, to doing his 1st show in The Fashion Capital of America, New York City, to Walking the Runway Toronto's “Startup Fashion Week” Fashion Show in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

In addition to his modeling endeavours, he also has a passion of singing but is timid, as well as acting. As someone who studies the depth of his craft down to the centimeter, he will make sure that masters the fashion industry so that one day he can give back to his community and serve as a mentor to those wanting to follow their dreams.

“It's like a Work of Art, You Have to Become The Masterpiece in which You are Creating.” -Taran Knight.

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