I Got To Be On The Brandee J & Kristy Show In Cali!

Hey you guys!

Thanks for reading! I am coming at you guys with my awesome experience of getting to visit the amazing California for the first time, as well as being on one of the greatest female talk shows ever! I was priviledged to be welcomed as a guest on the Brandee J & Kristy show in San Diego, Cali back in the fall! When I tell you it was the best experience ever, I'm not kidding! Although I myself am a television host, it's a completely different experience when you are in front of the camera as a guest. They made sure to make me feel at home and comfortable with them enough to fully express myself and just be me! For that, I am truly grateful. The fact that they were so genuine and transparent is a relief to find in an industry that is full of smoke and mirrors! Here's a little bit more about their story:

Brandee J and Kristy Salazar are two hard working women, both with families, who continue to strive for greatness in the media industry. Both of them stemming from professional media backgrounds and having fun, fierce personalities, they made the perfect pair to collaborate and start their own show! Having completed two seasons, which you should check out at their Youtube channel, they are doing quite well! Whether it's traveling across the country, rocking the Red Carpet or just being girl bosses, they are hip to it!

This won't be the last that you hear of them! They are planning to come to Chicago in the future and you best bet that I will be there with bells on for another collaboration! Thank you so much to them for allowing me such a great time! Check out their links below.

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