New Found Voice Trunk Show!

Hi guys!

Thanks for reading as always! I had to write this post today in order to let you guys hear about my joyous experience at the New Found Voice Trunk Show! Thank you to them for allowing my attendance! Despite me only being able to stay for the first portion, I can say that the event was very nice. There was free food and drink with tons of awesome NFV merchandise up for sale. The music was beyond lit, I must add. And the people were amazing. I got to meet the entire family behind such an awesome company and each member, children, teen or adult were all so nice to speak with. Might I add that they are Fresh Face supporters who purchased my newly released book linked below!

Here's a little bit more about New Found Voice and its mission so that you can understand why I support their brand and what they're doing:

"New Found Voice™ Entertainment is a group of people who use varying social programs along with music, art, & fashion with the aim of bettering the city and the planet. It is YOUR VOICE that has been instrumental in our movement to let more and more people know of the social programs catered to improve various aspects of the city and that of the planet. In This Movement, We Envision That By Working Together We Can Elevate Ourselves, Our Partners, And The Entire People In The Society As Well As The Community And The Planet Itself Towards Positive Change. It Is Our Hope That For The Best, People Will Learn To See That Their Actions Have Direct Impact On Nature, Society, To Each Person In The World And Especially To The Future Generation ."

No doubt that synopsis gave you the desire to go support them right? Well if it did, please go check out their links and images below! I really stand behind them and their purpose. As someone who has her own organization to help further the creative community, I appreciate when other people share the same mindset.



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