New Updates With Mark Schwartz!

Hey guys!

As you know, today is the day for the latest updates with Fresh Faces Partner, Mark Schwartz! As usual, if you aren't familiar with who he is already then I'm gonna need you guys to please check out the links below to get a better idea. In short, he is a celebrity fashion designer with a shoe specialty who has worked for a long list of A list clients, as well as a stunning visual artist who worked alongside Andy Worhol! He has decades of experience and is more than qualified as an industry vet!

Just a summation of the aforementioned endeavours, he is offering fashion design workshops in both Italy and the U.S., he has started a new trend of fashionable yet fun car wrap design, he was recently featured on the hit online fashion publication All My Friends Are Models and he is also seeking bloggers and social media influencers to work with! Check out the links below for more info on that as well. I have also linked below the last guest blogger post by Rickkyra Pierce.

As of new, he is launching a Cruise/Resort shoewear line for 2017 and wanted you guys to be able to see a couple of sneak peeks, shown below! As you can see, the items are marketable for different age ranges. You have some styles such as the white hite with black strap design that could be geared more towards the mature woman. It's cute and comfortable with a modest heel, easy to walk in and the colors are classic! Whereas, the all black strappy sandal at the bottom would fit a woman moreso in her 20s and 30s. It's chic and sultry with a little bit of sass. The embellished detail on one of the straps adds just enough pizzazz to catch the eye without looking like a pair of beddazzled flip glops! Very well done on his part. Stay tuned for the purchase link and release of his collection!

That's all for now folks! Stay tuned in the next couple of weeks for the next New with Mark Scwartz :)

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