The 40 Under 40 Awards Demonstrates The Beauty In Leadership

Hi guys!

I am coming at you guys with a very special post that is dear to my heart. I was invited to attend the 40 Under 40 Young Women's Professionals' Awards this past fall and it was absolutely flooring! I was touched by the environment so heavily saturated with so many sassy, successful, smart, scrintillating Sisters. A huge thank you goes out to the staff for allowing my attendance!

The awards show truly demonstrated the beauty in leadership. Not just the shallow sense of beauty, meaning the benefits that come from being a leader, but to a cavernous degree that relates to the dominoe effect involved with just one skilled influencer. That was clearly portrayed by the number of countless women of varying ages with an innumerable amount of education, entrepreneurship, craftsmanship, creativity, unity and continuity. I could not have possibly related even more to the stories of some of them, facing life traumas, nonsupport from peers, automatic obstacles associated with not only being a personal of color but being a female. The entire event was moving, and encouraging to me. Aside from that, the vivacious hosts and the beautiful atmosphere only added that much more to evening. Here is a little snippit about the organization that fueled this night, Demoiselle 2 Femme;

"Demoisselle 2 Femme reaches over 400 girls annually through school and community-based programs and over 2,000 youth through community awareness and education events. The success of D2F is represented in the number of high school and college graduates (over 400 first generation), who have become educators, doctors, counselors and a host of other career professionals. The longitudinal aspect of D2F programming creates long-term relationships with program participants and families that have continued for 19 years. Almost 50% of the staff who are employed by D2F are former participants who were once deemed “at-risk,” but completed the program, obtained a 4-year college degree and now work to impact girls within their community.

The current vision of D2F is to build the HOPE Center for Girls in Roseland which will provide social, cognitive and spiritual development programs for girls ages 12-18. D2F is committed to providing young ladies with a life changing experience that will prepare them for life today and a future for tomorrow. Our expansion and positive contributions as an agent of change cause us to believe that the only limitation to the future of D2F is the sky!"

I had a great time at the 40 Under 40 Awards and do look forward to hopefully being able to attend next time around :) Please go support and check out the links below!

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