The Girls Entrepreneurs Expo 2016!

Hi guys!

Thanks again for reading. I am here to let you know about the amazing experience that I had speaking to some of the most impressive young female entrepreneurs that I have ever met! I was able to be invited as a media guest to speak to some of these young ladies at the Girls Entrepreneurs Expo 2016. Shout out to the owner of Skin So Sweet Cosmetics, one of the organizers who allowed me to go. Also, shoutout to Fresh Faces Partner, Melody Boykin, and her assistant who did a wonderful job at the expo as well. She was the one who got me invited in the first instance!

Although I could not possibly go one by one and explain in depth about the conversations that I had with them indivdiually, I can tell you a few encouraging things that I noticed with all of them. They were all very ambitious at very young ages. I had girls who were less than half my age who had already gotten such a great start on their businesses! Even teens who were barely in high school already budgeting expenses and making sales like real businesswomen! This was awesome to be in that environment. I could not help but commend them because I could only imagine where i would be now if I myself had started on my path at that young of an age!

I also noticed that they all began their businesses with a spark at heart. Sometimes, us adult entrepreneurs begin with the wrong frame of mind, doing things simply for the maximization of profit. Yet, that small tinge of innocence and saturated youth gave them the actual passion to start businesses that they are emotionally attached to! In the end, they are going to go further than ones who begin with money being their main goal. I am so grateful that I got a chance to speak with all of them.

I have left the links and contact info to some of their businesses down below! Please check them out and go support our youth!


Skin So Sweet Products
Strengthening A Nation

Fresh Faces Partner Melody Boykin BFWUSA

T Star (also the performer)
Kiani Chic Styles
Shariea Love Designs
Taylor Carroll
Sonya Sells Crafts
Endian Remedies
Imani's Video Scrapbooking 773-717-0838
ReRe's Curls 312-843-9939
Shayzique Artz 773-744-3895
CoCo's Bakery 773-998-8505
Kingdom of Sweetness