The Updates On Mark Schwartz With Merchandise Sale!

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Thanks again for reading. Here we have the latest updates with Fresh Faces Partner, Mark Schwartz! As usual, if you aren't familiar with who he is already then I'm gonna need you guys to please check out the links below to get a better idea. In short, he is a celebrity fashion designer with a shoe specialty who has worked for a long list of A list clients, as well as a stunning visual artist who worked alongside Andy Worhol! He has decades of experience and is more than qualified as an industry vet!

Just a summation of the aforementioned endeavours, he is offering fashion design workshops in both Italy and the U.S., he has started a new trend of fashionable yet fun car wrap design,
 he is launching a Cruise/Resort shoewear line for 2017, he was recently featured on the hit online fashion publication All My Friends Are Models and he is also seeking bloggers and social media influencers to work with! Check out the links below for more info on that as well. I have also linked below the last guest blogger post by Shay James!

The latest thing that he has been up too is launching his holiday sale across much of his merchandise online! You have such amazing artwork, shoewear and fashion being sold for discounted rates due to the holiday rush! We already know that his work is marvelous but, I have attached a few images below with examples of the drastic price cuts!

Butterfly Shoe 16x20" ($295 to $159)

Stiletto Kiss 30x22" ($425 to 159)

Stance In Verde 22x30" ($325 to 159)

Four Gold Heels 22x30" ($245 to 159)

For more information Mark Schwartz and how to purchase merchandise, reserve a spot at his class or work with us, check the links below! Enjoy :) 

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