Fresh Face: Jacqui Monea, Author and Businesswoman

Jacqui Monea is a rising author and business graduate. She holds a Bachelor's of science majoring in Human Resources and Organizational Leadership and is Currently pursuing MBA. She works in the Housing Authority industry, utilizing her college education to successfully accomplish her career.

As if she wasn't impressive enough in her zealous stride in business, she also has a strikingly creative mind! She has channeled her intellect and ambitious nature into a once passion project, now selling urban novel! First Released in the fall of 2016, "Innocence In A Sense" tells the story of a young woman from Chicago who has her share of men, enemies, and challenges. Facing all that life has to throw at her, the main character Coffee uses romance as a way to cope with it all. This book is real and raw, and jumps straight into drama from page one, and doesnt hold back anything. Created for a mature audience, intertwining urban fiction, love stories and thrills.

The follow up novel, "Stormy Days and Lonely Nights" is due to be released in the Spring of 2017. For more information on how you can find Jacqui Monea, or her published pieces, please visit the links below!